Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 36

Elder Holland is amazing!!! He speaks with such power and authority, those two hours learning from him were intense. When he walked in the first thing that he said to us was that he wanted to shake each of our hands. We got to shake hands with Elder and Sister Holland as we told them our names and where we are from. Here are just some highlights of what I learned.

1. No = New opportunity. Elder Choi of the area presidency talked to us a lot about discouragement and how becoming discouraged weakens our faith. When we go out on the street to talk with people and get rejected we need to see that as a new opportunity. 

2. We are not just physical beings in a temporal world. We were sent here to experience things on a spiritual level not just physically.  Sister Holland talked about how we are spiritual beings in a spiritual world. Everything in this world is to help us grow spiritually and in order to do that we must look through spiritual eyes.

3. We must live "after the manner of happiness". Although we don't live in a perfect world with a perfect life we can still be happy. As long as we live after the manner of happiness as spoken of in the scriptures we will find happiness. We must be doing the things that the Lord commands us to and seek His guidance.

4. From time to time we must try to understand what it means to extend the hand of Christ to those that are drowning. Elder Holland spoke to us about our purpose as missionaries and he blatantly told us that we have no idea what our purpose is. None of us will ever really understand our purpose here on earth. We have an impact on so many things and so many people that we never even realize. 

5. You can't argue with evidence. The Book of Mormon is the evidence that the things that we teach as missionaries are of God. This gospel is true and Jesus is the Christ. If there is ever a question about something turn to the evidence, especially when it comes to spiritual matters.

I can't put everything that I learned, but there are just a few. Elder Holland is a ROCKSTAR! 

Another awesome part of meeting Elder Holland was being reunited with everyone from the MTC (except Sister Hilliar who is doing awesome things in New York). We got to see everyone that is serving in the Seoul Mission and talk for a little while. They are all amazing missionaries and have grown so much over the past couple months. I love them so much!

We are still missing a few missionaries who came a little later.

I was also blessed to go on exchanges with 김수진 자매님. We served in her area for the exchanges and were able to teach a few lessons together. She is an awesome greenie and so cute. Speaking in Korean for the entire time was a little brain killing, but it was a blast. I didn't really realize how much effort it took until we exchanged back and I could speak in English again. I love living in the same house as her, especially because I can learn really random Korean phrases from her :)

Sister Rindlisbacher and 김수진 자매님
Since we don't have anyone to teach right now we have been focusing a lot on 전도 (proselyting). It is one of the biggest parts of missionary work that I struggle with because it requires me to talk to total strangers. For the past couple transfers Sister Carnahan and I have been trying to figure out how we could be better and I think we finally found a solution. 전도 Bingo! We've been playing the past couple days as we've been out and about and wow the miracles keep coming. We have talked with so many people and were able to help them see a little bit of the Kingdom of God.

My motivation to 전도 is Christ. Through Him I am able to open my mouth ;D
Last p-day was really funny and also really awkward. We invited to hang out with some other missionaries, but when we showed up it was only elders and about half the mission. Our Elders didn't realize that we would actually come so they didn't invite any sisters. We awkwardly walked in and then walked out a few minutes later. We just stayed at home for the rest of the day and watched a movie while we cleaned around the house.

I am so grateful for all the experience of this past week. It has been very spiritually uplifting and draining. We've definitely felt the effects of it over the past couple day. I am so grateful for this gospel. Have a wonderful week. Don't forget to live after the manner of happiness. I love you all!

-Sister Rindlisbacher

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 35

T-minus 4 days until Elder Holland comes! We are all so excited!

This week nothing to special happened. One of the highlights though was being able to spend so much time with the young women of our ward. On Tuesday we all went out and ate 설빙 (solbing) together. It is probably one of my favorite things here in Korea :) Afterwards we went to a place nearby and got hot dogs. Here is Korea they roll half of it in sugar and then put sauces on the other side. We had our young women do the sauces and dang that hot dog was good. We'll probably stop by if we ever have time.

On Saturday we had a combined young men & young women activity. We did a "mini MTC". I started by sharing 3 Nephi 5:13 and bearing my testimony. The next section was English. Their faces were hilarious when we started to teach and only speak to them in English. Their faces were probably very similar to all foreign speaking missionaries on their first day in the MTC. Next we had them do a few role plays of introducing the Book of Mormon. The first one was done in English and wow that was so funny. They all frantically tried to memorize the example paragraph that we gave then. Next was a role play in Korea. They were a little rough around the edges, but did a great job. To end we had a testimony meeting. All the youth got up and bore their testimonies. During their testimonies I could really feel the spirit. It bore witness to me of how important it is to learn the gospel and strengthen our testimonies. I don't know where I would be without this gospel. Is your testimony as strong as it could be right now? 

We also had zone conference this week and it was so wonderful. We learned a lot about repentance and how it really can change our lives. Due to the lack of time we weren't able to share everything that we prepared, but it was great. Translating during our training is still a huge struggle. It's definitely something that I need to work on a lot. Afterwards I went on exchanges with 이하연 자매님. We came to my area and taught our investigator. Right now it looks like she only has interest in learning English. It's really frustrating, but we can only do our part to share the gospel and allow others to use their agency to accept the blessings.

Afterwards by miracle we were also able to find a member's house. I had forgotten to take a picture of the map before we left home and had absolutely no clue where we were or how to get to her house. Sister Lee suggested that we say a prayer so we walked off to the side. After we prayed I was able to figure out where we were and exactly how to get to our members house. It was a miracle! I had only been there a couple times before and both times were at night when it was really dark. Without that prayer I know that I wouldn't have found it.

Although we aren't finding much success I know that there is a reason and something to be learned. I am so grateful to share this wonderful gospel with the people of Korea. I know that our Savior Jesus Christ lives and loves us. I know that this gospel is true. I hope that you have a wonderful week. Love you!

-Sister Rindlisbacher

Can you find Sister Turner among the sister missionaries?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 34

It's been an interesting week! We had lots of strange experiences...

The week started off with MLC (missionary leadership correlation) which was fantastic. We talked a lot about asking questions, how they help us to understand other's needs and how they help us to also show our love for them. President Turner talked a lot about being an example learning from those that we are serving, especially other missionaries. I wanted to share a poem that Sister Turner shared during the training. It is called 'I'd Rather See A Sermon' by Edgar A. Guest

I'd rather see a sermon
than hear one any day;
I'd rather one should walk with me
than merely tell the way.
The eye's a better pupil
and more willing than the ear,
Fine counsel is confusing,
but example's always clear;
And the best of all preachers
are the men who live their creeds,
For to see good put in action
is what everybody needs.
I soon can learn to do it
if you'll let me see it done;
I can watch your hands in action,
but your tongue too fast may run.
And the lecture you deliver
may be very wise and true,
But I'd rather get my lessons
by observing what you do;
For I might misunderstand you
and the high advice you give,
But there's no misunderstanding
how you act and how you live.
The next thing that happened was.... I could no longer avoid the dog soup >.< My companion Sister Carnahan is going home next transfer so her recent convert from another area came and bought us lunch. In all honesty it wasn't bad, but I don't think I'll be eating it again. I was really nervous when I found out what we would be eating for lunch, but luckily she ordered another dish that I ate more of. Afterwards we went and got bingsu (basically Korean shaved ice) for dessert. 

Dog soup... it looks so normal >.<
I was also blessed to go on exchanges with Sister Phochareon. She is such a wonderful missionary! We worked in my area together and taught our investigator. Sister Phochareon shared a powerful testimony about prayer. Hopefully our investigator had her heart open so that she could feel the spirit. Sister Phochareon is from Thailand so she is learning Korean as she learns English. It is such a struggle, but she is a wonderful example of diligence and patience!

Sister Phochareon
Later on in the week we had a lunch appointment with a member. We went out to a little place that was near her house and had a lot of tofu. We're talking about tofu in everything we ate. There was a tofu soup, tofu porridge, tofu with meat, and tofu as a side dish. Everything was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend any type of tofu :)

On our way home we stopped at a little art supply store to get a few things. From the moment that we walked in the man that was working there kept talking about my companion's blonde hair. She usually gets some stares on the street or comments from the people that we talk with, but this old guy just kept going on and on about it. Then when we paid for our things he grabbed her hand and started predicting her health. I couldn't understand a lot of it, but my companion said it was pretty interesting at first. Then he started talking about how he does acupuncture. He got up and was about to get his stuff to do it on us, but we said we had to leave for an appointment. He then grabbed my hand and started predicting my health. After he finished that he kept hitting me on the arm like all old people in Korea do. It was so weird! We quickly said goodbye and went on our way.

Before we made it home we say a woman on the street and said hello. She seemed so happy to see us and talked as if she knew us. We were really confused because neither of us had ever seen her before. She asked me how old I thought she was and when I replied "around 60" she started hitting me on the head with her bus card. She went off on a rant about how she is 82 and had lived in the apartment complex for 54 years. She hit me on the head a couple more times and then took off. Apparently she was going to the hospital because her legs were hurting... It was just a strange experience overall. I will say that she really did look only 60! 

This week was full of strange experience, but also filled with lots of miracles. We were able to call and visit lots of less-actives and old investigators. Our efforts payed off and we were able to set two appointments. The members in our ward are also amazing. They have been contacting one of our investigators who is going through some hard things in her family which have caused her to stop meeting us. They got her to come to church, but after it had already finished. It was the first time that we have seen her in over a month! Although I wish she could have been there for church, we've taken a step in the right direction. Our members really know how to love those that we are teaching! We are so blessed to work with them.

I know that this gospel is true. I know that the Lord has created the Plan of Happiness for each of his children. I know that through the knowledge of the gospel we can truly find eternal happiness. I love you all and hope you are well. Have a wonderful week!

-Sister Rindlisbacher

P.S. Here is the new greenie living in our house. Her name is Kim SuJin and she is adorable. 
Kim SuJin

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 33

박외출 자매님 got baptized! What a wonderful experience it was seeing her surrounded by so many people that love her as she made the biggest step to growing closer to her Father in Heaven. I love her so much and she is such a wonderful example to me. During the second hour of church we taught gospel principles class, but it was basically just a lesson for 박외출 자매님. Her family had come from 개봉 (my greenie area) and I was able to talk with them. We taught about the 10 commandments, baptism, and enduring to the end. We were also blessed to teach with President and Sister Turner who attended our ward so that they could also attend the baptisms. They brought such a wonderful spirit to the lesson and really helped us teach our investigator. 

We saw so many miracles at the end of this past week. The week had originally started out really rough because we had no appointments with investigators and weren't able to even get in contact with most of them. We were able to do a lot of less-active finding and meeting with members. Near the end of the week by a miracle we were able to contact one of our investigators who wants to start meeting weekly again! She has been really busy and hadn't been relying to our texts or answering our calls but we randomly called her one night to give it one last shot and she answered!  

Sister Carnahan is a dork ^^
This picture perfectly describes the beginning of our week. Sister Carnahan is a dork ^^

Yesterday we were blessed to have 3 less-actives, who we have been focusing on, and their families attend church. One family hadn't been to church in a few years, but they now want to start coming again weekly. 노량진 ward is so amazing! They all have so much love that they give so freely. We don't have to worry about 박외출 자매님 because she will be well taken care of in this ward. She is surrounded by so many good examples that will always be there to strengthen her.

I am so grateful to be here in 노량진. I have never felt so much love and trust from a ward. I am grateful for my companion and how much she always strives to help me become a better missionary. I am so grateful for this gospel and the peace and comfort that it gives me. I know that it is true! I love you all and hope you are doing well. Have a great week! 

-Sister Rindlisbacher

Friday, February 3, 2017

Week 32

Transfers! We got transfers this past Saturday and I will be staying in my area with Sister Carnahan. One of the sisters that we live with will be going to my old area 인천 and Sister Song will be training again :) 

For our p-day we went to a Fortress in 수원. We had a great time walking around and going through a lot of museums. Almost everything was free because of the new year holiday! It was such a blessing. Since we had all day we spent a lot of time looking at everything. We learned a lot about Korean history and found some pretty neat stuff. It was just the 6 missionaries serving in my area right now, but we had a blast together.
We found these super weird chairs that spun around. I'd have to say it was probably the best part of our day :D

We found the Great wall of Korea ^^
We also had the world wide missionary conference on Saturday. It was great to learn from the apostles of the Lord and other church leaders. I learned a lot about how we are suppose to be teaching people about the gospel. My favorite things was a comment that Elder Bednar made saying "all things gather together as one". The entire gospel has so many little parts, but everything is connected and comes together as one. Everything is connected as is part of the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father.

During the broadcast we also found out about the changes that will be happening to our missionary schedule. Our weekly schedule will be changing as well as our daily schedule. At the start of the new transfer we will have a lot more agency to choose when and in what order we do things. Normally we have a set morning schedule with our daily studies, but that is now going to be up to the agency of each companionship. We have a few things that we will have to do each day, but other than that each day will be different according to the needs of those we are teaching. Another big change is that my p-day now starts at 8am. It may also be changed to Tuesday, but our mission president is still waiting for approval on that change. There are going to be lots of things changing in the coming weeks. I am excited to see how they will help the Lord's work to move forward. 

Korea is amazing and teaching this gospel is even better. This week I really saw how the Lord plans ever detail of our lives. We met with our investigator who is being baptized next week. We found out during our lesson that because of certain things she had to be interviewed by our mission president. That made her really nervous, but because of the member that we had present she was able to calm all of her concerns. Every experience that our member shared was perfect to help our investigator. It was amazing to see how the Lord knew that our investigator would need someone to perfectly relate to at this time. Their lives fit so perfectly it is miracle.

Another miracle we saw this week was when we went to do a language evaluation with one of our sisters. They live pretty far away so we decided to meet in the middle and do it at a cafe. Sister Carnahan and I got there early to find a place that we could sit down. We went to 3 different cafes, but all of them were either too noisy or really busy so we kept deciding to find somewhere else. Once we found a cafe we wanted to go upstairs, but that was also busy so we ended up sitting by the giant class windows near the front. Right before we started the evaluation a woman came up to us and asked us where the church was in this area. We found out that she had met with missionaries a lot time ago, but stopped because she had moved to a different area. She really wanted to start meeting with missionaries again, but didn't know how she could find them again. It was a miracle that we were in a cafe that she passed while walking on the street. We were able to get her information for the other missionaries in that area. The Lord has planned out ever detail of our lives. I can testify of it because if not that woman would not have found us.

I hope that you are all doing well. I am loving being a missionary here in Korea. It is such a blessing and I can't even express how grateful I am for all the things that I have learned and will continue to learn over the next year. I know that Jesus in our Savior and Redeemer and that our Heavenly Father loves each of us individually. I hope that you are all have a great week. I love and miss you!

-Sister Rindlisbacher

P.S. Here are some more random pictures