Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week 55

Sorry I don't have much time this week. Here are just a few highlights

1.Sister Canete (she is from the Philippines) had her birthday this week :) She is now 24 and probably the most patient and kind person that I have ever met. She always has a bright smile on her face and knows how to make us laugh. Her English is pretty funny at times, but she is always showing her love and appreciation through her actions.
Sister Canete
2. Sister Clarke went to the hospital because he leg was hurting super bad and ended up getting a boot. She was not pleased at first, but things are okay now. Most of the time when we come home we find her laying on the ground because he sitting gets painful and walking around is hard. 
Sister Clarke and her new boot
Me piggybacking Sister Clarke because she didn't have crutches yet and couldn't walk to the computer cafe to email last week.

3. Nothing really new happening in the area. The Lord is definitely trying to teach us about patience. We have been trying to spend more time outside each day talking to people on the street, but have found little success. BUT our members are amazing and working so hard to find people that they can introduce us to. This past Sunday a member brought 3 of their daughter's friends to church. They are still young and not use to missionaries so we will try and work on getting them comfortable with us before we try and teach them.

4. A talked that I've been studying that past week. It has been great!

I love you all. Hope you are doing well. 

-Sister Rindlisbacher
Sister Hansen learning Korean through osmosis 

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