Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 57

Although my heart aches for Suji I am loving my new area 청라 (Cheongra). This week has taken a lot of adjusting to a new area. Suji is a tiny area... We could walk from one end to the other in about 2ish hours, but my new area is THE OPPOSITE! We have been taking lots of buses and normally they take about 30-40 minutes to get to where we want to go. And from there we still have to walk about 10 minutes.

We have a few solid investigators that have tons of potential :) They are also almost all kids! YES! I absolutely love teaching kids the gospel because they are so open and innocent. The families that we are teaching one parent is a less-active member. One family the father was baptized when he was in high school and I think he also served a mission (not sure about that though). They were originally found by the 인천 (Incheon) first ward sisters, but they live in our area so we are teaching them. We are currently on the commandments so it's a party. 

The other family the mother, Sarah, is less-active. She is actually from Canada and only speaks a little Korean. She met her husband (who was raised in California and moved back to Korea later) when she was here teaching English. They have 3 kids, two boys and one girl. Sarah found the missionaries here in Korea as she was driving one day and saw them on the street. We are teaching Thomas, the oldest boy, but he is currently in Texas visiting family for the next month. Luckily we were able to meet them before he left on Saturday. We'll continue to teach them once he gets back.

In other news I had to sing a solo at my first missionary correlation meeting. Sister Cuary forgot to mention that it is an "initiation" that every missionary has to do. Just imagine me trying to sing in Korean while also trying to turn bright red. I picked the shortest hymn I knew and only sang one verse so it went okay.

We continue to melt here as we serve the Lord. It is getting so much hotter! I swear I walk outside and the next thing I know I am drenched in sweat. We are very blessed though and have an AC in our house. The missionaries in my area are actually the only ones in our entire zone that have AC. 

We have already started seeing the miracles here. This past Sunday one of the families that we are teaching came to church! In the past they kept saying that church was to far and to early in the morning to get their kids there, BUT THEY CAME! We were sitting in Sacrament meeting and I say the Bishop and his counselors looking at something in the back of the room so I turned around to see what was up and BOOM there they were. The sacrament room was packed so they had to sit in the kitchen with the speaker on. They stayed for all three hours of church and for the baptismal service for the Elder's investigator afterwards. The kids had a great time at church and the parents were also able to build some good relationships with ward members.

With the heat has also come rain. On Sunday it POURED! The 10 minute walk to church got us soaked. Even though we had umbrellas when we got to the church building the only thing that was dry was our heads. We had a great Sabbath day none the less. 

In preparation for the up coming MLC (missionary leadership council) President Turner asked us to study the talk 'The Greatest Among You' by President Utchdorf. One part of the talk that really stood out to me was "leadership in the church is not so much about directing others as it is about our willingness to be directed by God." It is a really great talk so you should read it!

-Sister Rindlisbacher

The kids of the family that came to church on Sunday

Basically sums up our lesson

I helped Sister Cuary finish the cute Plan of Salvation board (we may or may not have forgotten the spirit world and had to put it on after)

A very nice grandpa on the street gave us this hat after we talked with him for a bit

The rain got us good

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